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How to Grow Your Business Profitably (Ft. Mark Allen Roberts)

November 15, 2021

DTRH Episode 37

How to Grow Your Business Profitably 

Ft. Mark Allen Roberts

Growing a business generally involves a copious amount of debt, and rides the line, hovering from the black, red, and green constantly. Mark Roberts, who's masterful while working with enterprises and hyper-growth mid-market businesses to enable them to grow faster and maintain profitability while scaling. Profitably scaling operations is not an easy task, so learn from one of the best. 




Key Takeaways: 

  1. Listen to your customers to understand how to best serve them: Get your customers to share their pain points. Ask them what their challenges are and what changes have occurred in their market's ecosystem. Doing so will give you the advantage of truly understanding their needs, and holds the key to how you need to improve and where to innovate or expand your offering.
  2. Proudly sell your product for what it's worth. Nothing more, nothing less: People often undervalue or discount their products and services to land new business, especially with smaller deals. Don't give in to the temptation of giving "buddy-buddy pricing" to accounts that are not consistent customers and/or big spenders, and have a damn good reason for doing so.
  3. Always and continuously nurture your relationships: Even if a prospect is not ready to buy yet, nurturing the relationship you have with them is critical to acquiring their business because a competitor can swoop in and steal the deal if you slip up. Sames goes with your existing clients. The better the relationship, the higher the sales volume. All good things come to those who nurture.


"'Pitching your product is not selling." 

- Mark Roberts


Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Mark Roberts. Mark is an expert in generating profitable growth and scalability. He has been successful in making some of the largest firms in the world substantially more profitable while operating at a considerable level of effectiveness and efficiency within their revenue operations (RevOps) by building scalable sales, marketing, and procurement architecture and processes into their business models. 


About Mark 

Mark Roberts is a senior-level sales and marketing leader with over 35 years' experience driving profitable sales growth in market-leading organizations. He has driven profitability and effective revenue operations and architecture at numerous enterprise companies, including Timken, VMI, Gardner Denver, Mobility Works, Frito-Lay, and many others. 

Mark is an author, public speaker, sales trainer, and sales coach. In 2018, he received the Business Excellence Award from NSME and in 2019, the Highspot Sales Enablement Award. He was also recognized by Sales Hacker Inc. in the Sales Enablement Category. Mark founded OTB Solutions, LLC, and the popular business development blog,, ranked #1 in fixing sales problems.

Today, he is the Founding President of OTB Sales Solutions where he helps clients diagnose and improve sales effectiveness and hire and develop their sales talent to improve sales results. 


Feel free to connect with Mark Roberts or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter! 

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