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Making Sales a Force for Good (Ft. Marcus Cauchi)

Making Sales a Force for Good (Ft. Marcus Cauchi)

May 6, 2021

DTRH Episode 26 

Making Sales a Force for Good 

Ft. Marcus Cauchi 

When did the sales industry go down the proverbial toilet?  What happened to a customer-centric business model or buyer safety? The customer is not an afterthought. Value is delivered through transparency, commitment, and constructive conflict. Competency is measured by solving problems without fearing confrontation. 


“67% of buyers consider sales and salespeople to be 'morally bankrupt'.” 

- LinkedIn State of Sales 


Key Takeaways: 

  1. Engaged employees create 273% more profit: Salespeople and other employees are not "assets." They're human beings that need a mission, vision, and purpose to see value in who they are and confidence in what they do. 
  2. Buyer safety should be central: The customer should NEVER be an afterthought. Centralizing a business around protecting and serving the customer is proven to keep growth at a high trajectory. Play an infinite game. 
  3. Decision-makers want to be challenged: Do not avoid conflict with the customer or prospect. They're not "always right." If what they believe is actually hurting them—help them realize there's a better way

  4. Fact: quota-based sales are not effective: The performance of a sales team that doesn't have to "meet quota" with leadership that has a solid ethical foundation who have the freedom to build quality relationships sell more. 




Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Marcus Cauchi to talk about how sales have become "morally bankrupt" and what we need to change to make selling a force for good. 

The sales industry has plummeted into a deep, dark hole that was dug by incompetence and tragic desperation. Salespeople have become feared and avoided and this has caused serious issues with the way we view business development. 

Something fell off in the 70s and 80s where salespeople became predatory, aggressive, and were told that "it's okay to lie if it gets you the sale." Sales leaders must work together to reconstruct the industry to become a force for good. 


About Marcus 

With over 30 years of experience in sales, Marcus believes that selling is a service profession, not a self-service profession. 

Unfortunately, he’s found not everyone sees it this way, which is why he’s a man on a mission to rewrite the sales industry. This is due to where the practice has been driven by the unscrupulous and incompetent. 

Marcus is furious that the financial cart is being put before the customer success horse. He's livid that salespeople are being trained, encouraged, and incentivized to lie, manipulate, and mis-sell by managers and leaders who make the customer pay a heavy price for their greed, lack of competence, and soulless immorality. 


"1/3 of B2B buyers want a 100% seller-free buying experience." 

- Gartner 


JOIN #SAFFG (Sales a Force for Good) 


Feel free to connect with Marcus Cauchi or Rob Turley on LinkedIn, or follow Rick @The_Inquisitor or Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter! 

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Sales is Not a Numbers Game (ft. Jamie Martin)

Sales is Not a Numbers Game (ft. Jamie Martin)

January 13, 2021

DTRH Ep.14: Sales is Not a Numbers Game - Feat. Jamie Martin 

Why is it so damn hard for people to understand that sales and selling is not a numbers game?! Ever... From start to finish, from new hire to seasoned veteran, selling is and always will be driven by people, culture, empathy, and relationships. Period. 

Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Jamie Martin to define what it means to maintain a healthy sales organization that is driven by people, culture, and relationships. The key to a healthy sales organization starts at the recruitment, and ends at the way we treat, coach, and incentivize our sales teams. After all, it directly affects how we sell! 

Understanding how to recruit and why it's important to recruit properly is a massive gap in the sales industry. There is a lot to be learned from recruiting and recruiters that strategically applies directly to sales strategy and organizational goals—especially learning to focus on the quality of prospects and qualifying leads based on relationship potential while social selling is an integral activity in sales for businesses to survive in a digital/modern environment. 

If we fail to put the people first, there will always be something amiss. There will always be issues amongst the hierarchy of the teams and the satisfaction of the employees. When there are hindrances with the aforementioned, the leadership will feel it too by seeing results that aren't quite up to snuff and pushback from their staff. 


About Jamie 

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert is the Managing Director & Founder of Correct Careers Coaching is an award-winning (3x) sales professional, cocreator of a B2B sales e-Learning course. He is an author, podcaster, and public speaker. Jamie is passionate about sales strategy, social media, and sales training to improve their revenue and processes. 

Jamie helps streamline business sales strategy - enhancing a strategic approach to selling, resources, developing employees' selling skills, ICT/materials utilized during the sales process, etc. He delivers modern sales training (full sales cycle), including social media marketing/prospecting, lead generation, new business conversion, client relationship management, negotiation, and his own pioneering program called "Sales Psychology." 

Jamie has 10+ years of experience in B2B & B2C—working within the corporate sales, marketing, media, and the recruitment world and provided sales training to over 28 different industry sectors while working with all businesses' levels and sizes.  

Jamie has received the "Best SME Sales Training Consultancy - South West England (2020)" Award and the "SME News - Sales Selling Strategy Training of the Year 2020 - South West England" Award. 


Feel free to connect with Jamie Martin or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or Follow Jamie @CorrectCareers, and Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter! 

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Selling: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Selling: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

September 28, 2020
Down The Rabbit Hole Podcast 
Episode 1 - Selling: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (Ft. Marcus Cauchi) 
#DTRHpodcast #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #SalesEnablement 

Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, Episode 1 - Selling: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly—we’re delving deep into Marcus Cauchi’s brilliant mind to learn from his invaluable experience in the sales industry, recruiting industry, venture capitalist trickery, and executive coaching. He trains sales managers and executives to employ ethical, effective management, and human-centric selling processes while driving profit to new heights. 
Marcus is helping define the future of how we should be doing business. Use it. Learn from it. Make it your reality. Understand the truth about building meaningful relationships and how to communicate like a real human being

 For lack of a better term... 

“Quit the bullshit, cut the crap, and have some  empathy.” 


Featured Guest 

Marcus Cauchi is the Founder of Last Laughs, the host of #TheInquisitor podcast, and a valuable asset to Sandler for 16 years. Marcus helps early-stage tech companies achieve profitable international hyper-growth. He’s an active keynote speaker specializing in sales and sales management, and an expert in scale-ups, turnarounds, and building high-performance sales and management teams. 

You can connect with Marcus Cauchi via

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