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Why Building a Relationship Narrative is Critical in Marketing (Ft. Dacia Coffey)

Why Building a Relationship Narrative is Critical in Marketing (Ft. Dacia Coffey)

October 7, 2021

DTRH Episode 34

Why Building a Relationship Narrative is Critical in Marketing 

Ft. Dacia Coffey 

Relationships and quality conversations are critical to effective marketing experiences. There is a conversation happening between you and the consumer, whether you're present or not. This means the content you market "speaks" to them. During that conversation, a relationship and trust are formed over time. The expectation is that they will give a little more to you in the form of personal information, attention, or effort in response to a quality experience. 




Key Takeaways: 

  1. Business marketing is about turning strangers into collaborators: The cold market stays cold until there's a need or desire that must be entertained. This is driven mainly by pain, the need for convenience, or the cost being too high to fulfill an action or outcome. 
  2. Tell the truth early and often: It is crucial to tell the truth because lying in business is a tremendous mistake. If you have to lie to keep or create a relationship, then you're targeting or working with the wrong people. 
  3. It's not the technology that fails, it's the people and the process: Technology can fail, but if it's a decent marketing/advertising platform, then it's not the culprit. Techn is built to execute for you. If a campaign isn't working, the culprit is likely the target, message, execution, or process itself. It means it's time to reflect. 


"Repitition in the buyer's journey is the only way to get them to truly advance." 

- Dacia Coffey 


Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Dacia Coffey. Dacia is an experienced, purpose-driven marketer. She is talented in creating content and experiences around incredibly sophisticated or complex products that make a large impact. Hands down, doing what she does is one of the most difficult tasks to be successful with. 

Dacia and Rob discuss how the process and mindset behind the content itself are driven by the purpose, the impact, and the outcomes that a product, service, or experience will deliver to the audience or consumer. The end goal is to establish trust with the viewer. To make an impact, and leave them better off than they were before, even without selling them anything. Value in the takeaway to create a natural Call To Action (CTA). 


About Dacia 

Dacia Coffey is the CEO of The Marketing Blender and she's known for her energy, effective marketing strategies, and her impact as a professional speaker and author. She's also a fractional CMO that offers corporate workshops, group training, and one-on-one coaching. 

The Marketing Blender helps companies in highly technical industries stand out in the sea of sameness. They mix The Seven Fundamentals of B2B Marketing: Strategy, Branding, Website, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Trade Shows, and Sales & Marketing Alignment. 

As a top-tier sales professional & copywriter, Dacia has been on the front lines and has discovered the secrets of what grabs people's interest, and what catalyzes action. We help our clients build a massive competitive advantage. 

Dacia loves to speak at conferences, trade associations, and corporate events. Her topics focus on how to maximize influence by improving communication. She believes that people disrespect their own potential by treating work like a 4-letter word. 

She believes that "safe," bland marketing sabotages sales. She asks you this; "what is "safe" about marketing that doesn't work?!" 

Her areas of expertise include KPI Development, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Sales Mapping, Marketing Plan Development, Core Values, Mission & Vision Development, Messaging Choreography & Differentiation, B2B Brand Strategy, Succession Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Communication Planning, Investor Strategies, Digital Technology Integration & Alignment, Distributor Relationship Optimization, Data Management & Dashboard Creation, and Fractional CMO Services. 


Feel free to connect with Dacia Coffey or Rob Turley on LinkedIn, or follow Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter! 

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How to Increase Conversion Using Identity Graphing & Psychographics - Part 2 (Ft. Tommy Liantonio)

How to Increase Conversion Using Identity Graphing & Psychographics - Part 2 (Ft. Tommy Liantonio)

September 30, 2021

DTRH Episode 33

How to Increase Conversion Using Identity Graphing & Psychographics - Part 2 

Ft. Tommy Liantonio 

Identity graphing is the future of lead management—the ability to recognize who is who within your website traffic and content consumers is critical. You must go above and beyond expectations, to crush that quota. When adding psychographics and AI calculated Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs) split into micro-personas, the opportunities are endless, and the level of precision and accuracy is unparalleled. 




Key Takeaways: 

  1. Marketing starts before a product is even created: The market must be asked about a set of problems, and asked if those problems need, or are even worth being solved. "If we build it they will come" is the greatest lie ever told. 
  2. Don't change your target, remove the wrong people within that target: Doubling the sales, doubling the emails, doubling the team, doubling everything is not the answer when trying to scale. The key is a removal process. We don't need more leads, we need more focus on the individuals who will buy. 
  3. When a sale fails, it's usually because we fail to execute properly: Enough said. 


"You need to prove to that it is a good buying decision. Most things that people buy are because it's how it makes them 'feel,' so salespeople should be building relationships and helping to solve a problem, not products or services." 

- Rob Turley


Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Tommy Liantonio. Tommy has created IP around identity graphing and will be partnering with Rob to create the ultimate data-driven bundle for lead generation and high-precision sales and marketing. 

Tommy and Rob talk about how the root of all sales and effective marketing stems from the target—following your target, is the messaging. The two are tied together, kind of like conjoined twins. They are critical to one another’s lifeblood. They share the same heart, lungs and need each other to survive. 

Most businesses have not been successful with their targeting accuracy and have perfected their message around the incorrect target. Once the target has been corrected, often the messaging fails because, again, it was built for the wrong audience. These two aspects fit one other like a glove and are always going to be directly related.  


About Tommy 

Tommy Liantonio is the Founder & CEO of, LiftCertain, and two other marketing and advertising businesses. He is dedicated to building and applying identity-based AI to grow profitable companies in B2B and B2C. 


Feel free to connect with Tommy Liantonio or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2 on Twitter! 

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Why “The Three ‘C’s of Business Communication” are so Critical (Ft. Brian Burkhart)

Why “The Three ‘C’s of Business Communication” are so Critical (Ft. Brian Burkhart)

July 29, 2021

DTRH Episode 31

Why "The Three 'C's of Business Communication" are so Critical 

Ft. Brian Burkhart 

"The Three 'C's of Business Communication" are crucial to an internal or external communication structure in all businesses, no matter the industry or the vertical. Communication and understanding, or the lack thereof, is either beneficial or detrimental. The key is to elevate people and have a well-defined purpose.


"Justification subverts your own growth." 

- Brian Burkhart 


Key Takeaways: 

  1. The Three 'C's of Business Communication: clarity, conviction, and connection. When communication is broken, it's often one of the three 'C's, and one 'C' failing usually leads to the other three backfiring. 
  2. The best presenters all have something in common: Presenters like Steve Jobs are obsessive about what? About their audience. Sure they may not be the most tolerable people in an intimate situation, but speaking to the audience FOR the audience creates the best possible outcome
  3. Do not allow unawareness to control your success: Unawareness is a scourge upon a person or a business's effectiveness to communicate. One must look in to be able to see out with clarity. How well are you communicating with the people around you? 

  4. Your business must have a well-defined purpose: The purpose your business stands for should not be process or product-oriented. It should be almost a meta-purpose. The reason you exist. It goes much deeper than the superficial. It is not "what you do," it's "why you do it."




Episode Summary 

In today’s episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, your host, Rob Turley, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at White Rabbit Intel, delves deep into the mind of Brian Burkhart who is a master of communications and public speaking. 

Brian and Rob talk about how mindset, business communication, and "The Three 'C's of Business Communication" are all connected to one another and drive a business (or a person) to the highest level of success and personal/organizational development. It's not what you know, it's who you know, AND how well you can communicate with them. Looking in to see out is so important. Understanding and accepting the problem is the first step to recovery.  


About Brian 

At the heart of almost every professional sales process is the actual sales presentation, or pitch, itself. Long or short, highly technical or simply skimming the surface, sales presentations are unique, critical opportunities to create trust, connection, and understanding. Do this well, and suddenly hitting quota becomes easy. Struggle along and soon you’ll be wondering if sales are the right occupation for you! Here’s the good news, sales presentations are a learnable skill. 

The best ones are rooted in brain science that works no matter the industry, nor audience. And best yet, once you know the secrets to success, you may even find these pitch opportunities to be downright fun. 

Brian is the Founder and Chief Word Guy at SquarePlanet Presentations, a Phoenix, AZ firm dedicated to “Elevating People” by helping individuals, teams and enterprise clients improve their pitch game. He’s been at this for decades. Literally.  


Join #SAFFG (Sales a Force for Good) 


Feel free to connect with Brian Burkhart or Rob Turley on LinkedIn or follow Rob @RobTurley2,  or Brian @BrianSaysBeBold on Twitter! 

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